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“Who told you that your brain couldn`t make the formula rhyme at all?” And now I`m sorry. First, because I just left home without being honest about my goal. Secondly, it is eleven o`clock in the evening and why is my brain playing so foolishly? Jennar just stayed in my arms. I know very well that it will not be easy to make sure. “Pumpkin, there must be trust in each other – `My head was so dizzy that it broke. But before my eyes were completely opened, the subtle swabs in my head let the pain subside and then gradually disappeared immediately. After feeling more comfortable, I tried to open my eyes and found Jennar standing and looking at me. I nodded slightly. Again, Jennar snorted while I held his hand and put our fingers together.

I just smiled, when is Jennar used to all the kisses, skinship and also me next to him? I jumped on my temple. Over time, I can relax a little more than when I was in the elevator. When Desy realized that Azel had activated the speaker, he thanked Jennar. “Thank you, Jen, for wanting to trap me all the time. I called your phone but it wasn`t active. So I called Azel deh. I tried to sit up and ran my gaze around the living room, which wasn`t too bright because Jennar only lit up the part of the kitchen. The sunlight has not yet arrived because it is only at half past seven. “Why else?” he asked when I arrived at the apartment where Desy lived for a while. From high school to my university degree, we have always been together. Many people say we date. But I think they had to swallow a bitter pill called disappointment because we were just friends who felt like brothers.

I stopped my activities that had researched my documents. I sighed. It was not José who said this for the first time. I took off my bolero and put it on my bag. “I want to change the style. Bosen is so Doang. And here I am and Brother Rendra. Nostalgia is both in a café not far from our high school. Earlier, after Azel was sent home, I accompanied Kak Rendra to meet with teachers before we finally got here. Jennar heard a loud exhalation and then whispers. “Do you want me to kayak? Diem first ah, Zel.

I want to die again. I curled my hair angrily and decided to ignore the question. The apartment where Desy lives is neat and basic. There is not too much furniture here. How would Jennar react if I knew I was there? In Desy`s apartment. I don`t know where the devil comes from, but I want Jennar, who is now standing on my back, to turn around and attack me with questions or insults. But on the other hand, not all hopes can be realized. Jennar continued to the stairs to immediately enter the room. “Sorry, I just want to know the good news for you and Jennar. I.

This is not a divorce. Kak Rendra even nodded. Seems. Something stayed with him. But I didn`t know and decided to walk next to Azel to her car. Considering that Rendra has always been by his side, I think it`s not easy to get used to. They – Rendra and Jennar – are together from the end of high school until just before the end of the two heads. Since Jennar and I have only been together for three years, it`s not easy to introduce Jennar to all aspects of me next to him. Jennar put a plate in front of me and I reflexively looked up to look at it. “Makas – “I don`t know, and I hate to question someone`s feelings. One second we can guess that he is happy, the next second he will cry bitterly. That`s why I`m too expressive, because I hate having to question someone`s feelings.

My steps and those of Azel immediately stopped when they heard Kak Rendra`s call. Rendra was seen approaching us. “Zel, can I pin your wife? Do you want to talk for a minute, tea time? I`m going home. Azel`s embrace, which intensified on my shoulder, shook me with my reverie. “We are the first,” Azel said. .