What Is International Business Law All about

No matter what company you`re in, you can only work through your employees. If you hire/subcontract in a foreign country, you are subject to the labor and labor laws of that country. Here, a partner like Velocity Global is key. Velocity Global can help with compliance, benefits, and risk mitigation to facilitate global development. Note that it is much more difficult to get rid of underperforming agents and distributors – choose your partners wisely! Elective courses are offered to those who have already entered into companies or contracts, or who wish to take advantage of additional offers as part of the Executive LLM program. All courses focus on the practical application of legal theory and legal practice from the perspective of international trade. Disputes between governments over the design and implementation of trade measures: The trade dispute settlement mechanism is a key role of the WTO in international trade law. The DSU provides a comprehensive set of rules and procedures for the implementation of each party`s obligations under the WTO Agreement, either in isolation or in combination with an agreement between the parties. Another important feature is the WTO MRTP, which examines a Member`s trade policy to determine whether it has potential negative effects on other Member States. International agreements or customs duties govern international contracts for the sale of goods, according to the terms of the purchase contract. In the absence of an international convention, national law shall apply. The “conflict of laws” rules govern domestic law, which must be applied in accordance with the principles of private international law.

This is a situation in which the application of the respective national laws in a trade dispute can lead to very different outcomes. The B.A. in Business Administration: International Business Law is a doubly accredited program. You will receive both an American degree and a European bachelor`s degree at a single price. The programme is conducted by an international faculty with the best qualifications and experience in the business world. We are committed to adopting a personalized educational model: in the spring of 2020, the average class size in undergraduate business administration was 18 students! Speaking of taxes. Some of the biggest threats and opportunities in global business come in the form of taxes. Especially at the level of business units. You should carefully check if the foreign country has a tax treaty with the United States. In addition, you would like to know what tax consequences it has to do business there.

In some cases, tax treatment can mean the difference between the success or failure of a business. Risk insurance is an important aspect of international trade. In the event of loss or damage to cargo due to risks during the journey, an insured may claim losses from the insurer. The type of insurance required depends on the type of transport agreed between the parties for the carriage of the cargo. These forms of insurance include navy, aviation and land. The Lex mercatoria refers to the unwritten part of international trade law, including customary trade law; customary rules of evidence and procedure; and the general principles of commercial law. [3] The LLM International Business Law is an innovative and flexible programme for law and non-law graduates who wish to acquire essential detailed knowledge of international trade and business from a legal perspective. Whether you want to advance in your current career, are considering joining a global company, or simply want to learn more about international business law in practice, this programme will give you the knowledge to help you achieve your ambitions. 3 credits. Stacey Dogan Format: Blended-online.

The U.S. and Intellectual Property Law course explores the legal protection of inventions, creative expression, and other types of information. This course introduces students to patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Most of the course will deal with U.S. intellectual property law, but comparative and international issues will also be covered. Ad hoc arbitration takes place when the parties have not expressly referred to the arbitration institution in the contract, but agree to submit their dispute to arbitration. The parties may agree to arbitrate in accordance with an arbitration law in the State of one of the parties; or under an independent set of arbitration rules, such as the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration. These rules cover international commercial arbitration, and the parties do not have to agree on the arbitration rules. International trade law is a set of legal rules, conventions, treaties, national laws and customs or commercial practices governing international trade or commercial transactions. [1] A transaction is considered international if elements from more than one country are involved. [2] The Master`s programme in International Business and Trade Law prepares students for the challenges of an increasingly globalised economy by providing them with the knowledge and education to deal with complex transnational transactions that define the current legal and business environment. This program includes core courses in European Union law, international law, international business transactions, and international trade regulation, as well as a range of elective courses in areas such as Admiralty and International Maritime Law, U.S.

Contract Law, International Arbitration, and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions. Students can also choose courses from an evolving curriculum that reflects current global economic actors with courses such as Islamic Finance and Estate Planning and China and International Law. 3 credits. Sidd Pattanayak format: Blended-online and all-online. This course discusses how lawyers can and do add value to complex transactions and contracts or transactions. The course focuses on the “best practice” strategies that an international lawyer can apply to effectively guide their clients through the complexities of the typical transaction lifecycle. .