What Is Undertaking Form in School

Please write a declaration of commitment for a student entering ss1 In Nigeria, students newly admitted to universities, colleges, teacher training colleges and secondary schools must draft a declaration of commitment and submit it as part of the documents required for approval. The following should be noted and should serve as a guide for the format of the letter. With permission, I am ________ (name of parents), parent/guardian of __ (name of municipality). My community was admitted to your estimated school on ___ (date). I am writing to assure you that my child will be the best of himself during the school year __ (year/semester). She/He had achieved good results in previous academic sessions. I have attached all previous testimonies and my contact information as a reference. Commitments therefore always relate to prior or prior agreement and are generally used in day-to-day business between the parties. Usually, some do this to avoid losses. A good example is a situation where some students destroy school property as part of a demonstration, the school management requires students to write a statement of commitment stating that they will no longer commit such an illegal act, and also indicates the alternative consequences in case of failure. Tags myschool.ng nairaland www.unical.edu.ng | University of Calabar: www.unizik.edu.ng | UNICAL Nnamdi Azikiwe University: NAU www.unn.edu.ng | University of Nigeria Nsukka: UNN In general, a Declaration of Commitment (LOU) is a statement of assurance written by one party to another party to show an intention, promise or commitment to fulfill the previously agreed commitment. Read also: How to write a credential [see examples] to the principal ___ (name of college or institution). .

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